I have been illustrating for my own blog and zines as well as other popular blogs and magazines. If you’re interested in an illustration, please get in touch 🙂 I also write and can do a combined article. See below for some examples:

4/1/15 Salsa y La Naturaleza: How a Willie Colón Song Taught Me About Queerness and Love at Autostraddle

8/21/14 Pregnancy, Birthing & Chestfeeding: An Illustrated Guidebook with Gender Non-conforming Models of Color zine

7/30/14 Life Right Now: a zine about yoga, meditation, art, self-care and social justice

5/21/14 An Open Letter to Artists and Activists

5/14/14 Yoga and Colonization

4/29/14 Janani + Alok = Dark Matter An Illustrated Review

4/3/14 Illustrated Review: The Music of Moses Sumney

12/26/13 The Genetics of an American Cook at Afroculinaria

10/18/12 Some Words from Downunder that will Make You Smile

2012-2013 8 zines about queer art and activism in Ecuador, Argentina, Australia, Singapore, India, South Korea, Germany, and The Netherlands


Ever since I had to make a video for my Indiegogo Campaign in May of 2014, I’ve been making videos to document my thinking, art/craft making, bike touring, eating and love for textiles!  Here are the videos I’ve made in chronological order from newest to oldest 🙂 You could also just visit my youtube channel or vimeo channel.

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