Welcome to my coaching page! Here are some questions to get us started:

  • Does your work align with your life’s intentions and values?
  • Do you feel excited to wake up in the morning?
  • Do you think “Yes, I did what I came here to do” at the end of the day?
  • Do you do what you said you would do, consistently, with clarity, focus, ease, and grace?

If your answer to any of the above questions was “no,” are you ready for change?

If you clicked on this page because you were curious about what life coaching was and are interested in working with me, you’re in the right place! For me, life coaching is an empowering and supportive space that sees you as already having your own answers to any misalignment you feel in your life. It’s a space that invites you to examine how your actions can reflect your true radiant self, even while you have doubts and fears.  I invite you to watch Maria Nemeth’s (the co-founder of the coaching academy I’m training with) TEDx talk “Would it be okay with you if life got easier?” (click below to be redirected to the video):

I have another 16 months before I finish my coach training to become an international coach federation certified life coach. During that time, my vision is to have 3 individual clients that I work with 2x/month and a coaching group that meets 2x/month while I continue my journey in academia as a scholar and teacher who empowers my students to ask for help, to step into the unknown, and to be the changemakers that our planet needs.

As an academic and instructor in a demanding PhD program who also makes art, organizes in the community, and prioritizes self-care, friends/family, and spiritual growth, I’ve had to learn the hard way about balancing my work responsibilities while finding joy.  I know from first hand experience what happens when we derive our worth only from the productivity (or lack thereof) of our brains: burn out, overwhelm, depression, impostor syndrome, and the list goes on! This isn’t just a problem of academia, but a society-wide emphasis on outcome rather than process, and the overemphasis on our brains (rather than a holistic view of mind+body+heart), which naturally leads to stagnation, if not a deep existential crisis.

While I’m excited about working with all kinds of people as I build my experience as a life coach, I do have particular stakes in helping people in education–students, teachers, and administrators.

“The academy is the one large influential public forum left in American life in which debates can be staged productively.”

-Jill Dolan

My life coaching practice looks at academia and says, “hey, I’m really invested in this space AND here’s where I want to be a part of changing it.” As a teacher, I want to help my students see what really motivates them to be there. Every transformative teacher I’ve ever had taught me how to learn, and inspired me to take my learning into my own hands. Being a life coach helps me hold space for people to see what matters the most to them, and to align that with their daily actions.

Schedule a discovery session

If you’ve read this far and want to see if we’re a good fit, click on the link or image below to schedule a free 45-minute discovery session where we’ll look at your life vision!

Money & payment

As someone who spent a decade of my adult life making very little money, demonizing it, and feeling anxious any time I made a payment, I truly understand what it’s like to want something but feel like you don’t have enough money.  In my journey to having a more empowered and successful relationship with money, I’ve been really inspired by M’Kali-Hashiki’s language around Fair Energy Exchange & Radical Support Collective’s guide to payment.

Currently, while I’m crowdfunding my coaching tuition (until 10/10/18), I have two levels of perks for 2 or 5 months of coaching. But please schedule a discovery session if those two levels feel wildly inaccessible to you because I’m offering a lower rate while I gain more experience for those with different income levels.

Thank you! 

Even if you don’t pursue coaching at this time, I would really appreciate you sharing my page with those who you think might resonate with my vision. You can also follow my art/organizing/scholarship via social media: Instagram and Facebook You can also subscribe to this blog which I update from time to time 🙂