Healing Arts

In November of 2014 I opened a yoga studio in Quito, Ecuador where I was living for seven months. Now that I’m back in the U.S., I’m taking a short break from group teaching as I’m busy building a tiny home this summer! Stay tuned for QTPOC yoga classes.  I’m still available for one on one classes, one-time only workshops and Skype consultation sessions on radical wellness (see below for what people are saying about them).  Please contact me if you’d like to know about rates.

In July of 2014, I received my 200-hour Kripalu yoga and meditation teaching certification thanks to the overwhelming community support in my indiegogo campaign.  My desire to be a yoga and meditation guide was propelled by the following thoughts:

  • Yoga in the US tends to cater to upper class, white and/or able-bodied people. As a queer woman of color, the importance of diversity in yoga spaces is always on my mind. As an artist who often doesn’t have the financial means to participate in many yoga spaces, community support is crucial! See my article about my thoughts on yoga and colonization HERE
  • Getting a teacher training certificate has allowed me to create more accessible yoga spaces, as well as provide myself with better tools to care for my mind and body, which strengthens my community organizing.

My passion for social justice and accessibility are at the foundation of my healing work and I teach by donation unless I’m invited to an institution or organization that can pay me. Miyuki Baker by Sandra ten ZijthoffWhat people are saying:

“I like how Miyuki tailors the sessions to suit my needs – the talking beforehand and doing the guided sessions where I write down thoughts and narrow down my priorities was really great as a pre-activity.  When she asked me to imagine a safe space that I could always return to during the guided meditation, I immediately thought of her voice.”

Mary Jean Chan



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