Maangchi’s Real Korean Cooking for the Home Cook: A vegan’s review



About Miyuki Baker

Miyuki is a resident of the place where circles overlap. As a queer, nomadic, multi-racial/lingual female mixed-media artist activist and healer, she uses common or discarded objects, personal anecdotes, public spaces and performance to make accessible art that brings non-mainstream identities and ideas into maximum visibility. After graduating from Swarthmore College in 2012, she traveled for 14 months as a Watson Fellow to fifteen countries documenting the intersections of art and activism in queer/trans communities in blog posts and self-published magazines while making performance art. The eight magazines Miyuki created on this trip ( and their strong media following exemplify her illustration/graphic design, storytelling and people skills. Her work has been featured in several magazines such as Hyphen, Broken Pencil and Knik, blogs and radio shows, well-known for their interactive and eye-catching mixed media approach to activism that utilizes both online media and on-site performance and workshops. This fall she will begin the PhD program at UC Berkeley in Performance Studies. You can follow her travels at and email her at


  1. love your review! I also watch her on youtube and always try to copy her recipes. 🙂

  2. Just randomly stumbled across your blog as I was looking for some quotes from Calvino’s Invisible Cities.

    Ha, a vegan review of an omni cookbook. I’m glad I’m not the only vegan that reads omni cookbooks quite happily – I’ve got several in my collection – Beaneaters & Bread Soup (Tuscan cooking) is one favourite, Japanese Farm Food is another.

    Love the fact that you are writing by hand! 😊

    • Seems like many people end up here thanks to an Invisible Cities quote search 😉 glad it brought you here too!!

      Thanks for those two cookbook ideas! I’ll have to check them out :)))

      Happy to hear you like the blog style too ❤ stay tuned for more 🙂

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