Learning the art of living: my experience with the 10 day silent Vipassana meditation retreat

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About Miyuki Baker

Miyuki is a resident of the place where many circles overlap. They’re a queer, multi-racial/lingual artist, activist & academic passionate about using common or discarded objects, stories, zines, and performance in public spaces to make accessible art. Their research examines how we practice “hope” and meaning through space, architecture and the environment. They’re currently a PhD Candidate in the Department of Performance Studies at UC Berkeley. After graduating from Swarthmore College in 2012, where they were involved in queer Asian activism and making art, they received the Watson Fellowship to travel the world in search of queer artists and activists and made 8 zines highlighting what they learned under their publishing house Queer Scribe Productions. From 2014-2015 she lived in Ecuador and traveled by bicycle from Ecuador to Colombia cataloging traditional textiles, music and food. After returning, they built and lived in a mobile tiny house for a year (until selling it in May 2016).


  1. Luckie

    Oh Miyuki! This is so beautiful. The introspection. The honesty. The CHI. The Buddhist teaching encourages us to always question what’s being taught… to weigh it against what we know & intuit. Sounds to me like you got exactly what you needed. And do send me the Retreat details please… sounds like what I need too!:)

    • Thank you Luckie 😀 Your voice is always appreciated. The link to their page is dhamma.org and you can find a place closest to you that has the retreats. I’m pretty sure they have one in GA if not several. It’s free/donation only and you can only donate after you’ve completed at least one course.

  2. I love your thoughts… and your way of presenting them here.

  3. thira

    I just back from Vipassana today. it was my 2nd quality time. I totally love what you’ve wrote . so so easy to understand and look very cute❤️

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